We at Aswaq.com are always looking to achieve the best online shopping experience. We offer you a warranty policy for the products that will be considered under warranty in order to provide a manufacturer guarantee for a number of categories from the original suppliers of the item with the following details:

All electronic devices sold at Aswaq.com are warranted for a minimum of two years except for accessories and peripherals. The original invoice is required to verify the serial number and validate the warranty period in order to benefit from warranty services.

Warranty Providers:

1- Regarding to the device’s warranty is provided by the manufacturer or their agent/importer and you can simply contact them to receive warranty services as per the rules and regulations.
2- Warranty services provided by the agent/importer are not the responsibility of Aswaq.com, this includes spare parts availability, repair period and/or quality of repair.
3- The customer is eligible to contact the warranty service provider directly in case of complaints or any other concern.
4- Aswaq.com provides its own warranty on some devices in order to ensure the highest quality of service. Customers can contact us for more information.

General Warranty Policies:

1- The warranty repair period at Aswaq.com is determined as 15 days for failures that are covered under warranty.
2- Warranty is provided by replacing defective spare parts in case of a factory defect and not necessarily by replacing the device or refunding its value. Failures resulting from the following scenarios are excluded from warranty service:

- Misuse of the device or not following the proper usage instructions as provided in the device manual found inside the box or the instructions given on webpages or digital agreements upon the device’s activation
- Breakage or physical damage as well as exposing the device to external elements such as liquids, humidity or extreme temperatures.
- Unauthorized repair attempts that result in damaging the device as well as using non-SASO certified spare parts.
- Deleting Operating System files, hard-disk partitions or virus-related issues.

3- Customers are eligible for a replacement after paying the fair usage price or a refund after deducting the fair usage value in the cases that are qualified under the rules, regulations and laws of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
4- Service providers are obliged to transport customer units free of charge from remote locations that are not covered by their service networks as well as applying the rules and regulations
5- The life-cycle of devices may be different from one another and customers can review the device manual or contact the manufacturer for more details.